Training in classical Ballet prepares a child for life! The discipline, focus, analytical process, and performance expectation required in Ballet give a young person tools for success in any endeavor. Classical Ballet ensures success in all aspects of a young dancer’s /performer’s career! BALLET IS KEY!

In all levels students learn fundamental concepts and build to more technical skills. They will master turn out, line, carriage of the upper body, increased strength and flexibility, artistry, and vocabulary at the barre and center. Higher levels will graduate to more varied and complex combinations.

At Elite Ballet must be maintained in order to participate in any upper level Jazz and/or Contemporary Class.


This class draws from many different styles of modern technique. The dance is very expressive and utilizes a wide range of music to stimulate emotion and creativity. The student will develop strength, artistry, flexibility, musicality, and The ability to release their body ‘center’ while traveling through space. Improv techniques are also implemented.


Utilizes many styles of music- usually upbeat! This class begins with a center warm up, followed by diagonal linking steps and techniques across the floor, and finishes with a stylized combination. Jazz will give your child fluidity of movement, coordination, and style!

Latin Jazz

Latin flavor and music are infused into Jazz technique. This great class will get your child moving!


Tap is all about the rhythm! Students will concentrate on the basics, progress to combination steps, then be challenged with more advanced rhythms and turns. Tap is a terrific coordination builder.

Hip Hop

This class is full of current urban flavored music and choreography. Warm ups include strength conditioning for flexibility, balance, and endurance. Hip Hop is a Student favorite!


For the child who loves to sing! Vocal instruction introduces the young singer to good vocal techniques. Five singing basics are covered: posture, breath support, placement, intonation, and presentation. The class is designed to help students discover the beauty and power of their own vocal instrument. It offers performance opportunities in Elite’s Holiday and Year end Showcase recitals.

Musical Theater

Great paired with Voice! This fun class is a must for building confidence! It incorporates drama/acting class exercises, theater games, singing, and dancing. The student gains self-esteem while touching on acting techniques such as improv, open scenes, and audition drills. Broadway type music is used and prepared for performances. This class is a must for helping dancers ‘emote’!


This class teaches basic floor tricks and incorporates them into dance. These tricks build in difficulty as a student progresses. Strength and flexibility are concentrated on. A great class for dancers and cheerleaders who want to expand their skills.

Cheer Dance

We teach our students all the fundamentals of cheer and again incorporate these skills into a performance dance.

Combination Classes

Our littlest stars are given a taste of all the dance disciplines in one class! Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, and even Drama exercises are incorporated into a wonderfully fun hour. Ages: 2 - 6 are accepted as long as they are fully potty trained..