What People Are Saying… 

“Deciding to dance at Elite has proven to be one of the best choices I’ve made. I have met some of my closest friends here and we never have a dull moment while at dance. Ms. Trudy and all the Elite teachers are there for us no matter what we need and the dance skills I have acquired from them have definitely lead to my improvement. They teach that nothing comes without hard work and they motivate us to achieve our goals through that.”
-Savannah Baermann, Elite Student


“My daughter has been dancing for seven years and has been at Elite for the last two. While Emily always enjoyed dance it wasn’t until joining Elite that I saw her passion for it. At Elite, she hasn’t just learned technique she has become a “dancer”. The positive environment that Miss Trudy has created has given Emily the confidence to take risks and therefore grow as a dancer. It is inspiring to watch her now and it only takes watching Miss Trudy with her class once to see why her students enjoy dance so much.”
-Kim Bobenmoyer, Elite Parent


“Coming to Elite was one of the wisest choices I have made thus far in my dance career. Elite is definitely one of a kind, and I wouldn’t change anything about it!”
-XO, Alex, Elite Student


“I visited the area on my winter break from Hofstra University and found Elite to be a welcoming studio with caring faculty. As a collegiate level dancer I was looking for a place to take some quality ballet classes for a week or two and certainly got my money’s worth here. It was a joy to take Ms.Heather’s class as she really strived to give every student individual, useful corrections. Additionally, Ms. Trudy made me feel at home at Elite. From what I have seen, this studio has a lot to offer young dancers.”
-Victoria Shadle, Dance Major Hofstra University


"Dear Miss Trudy, 
I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a privilege it was to teach in the summer intensive.  I was rather nervous and had no idea what I was walking or dancing into. Your students were a breath of fresh air! No rudeness or prima donnas, and the eagerness to learn was a true treat! Your staff is professional and very kind also what great credentials they all have. They are all tough acts to follow. If you aren't already proud of your work and dedication well here is another testament to that. I look forward to seeing the same and new students again.  Once again 5678 it was great!"
-Lois Bower- Bjornson, guest instructor

Ms. Trudy - I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thankful I am for all the hard work and dedication you put into making Elite absolutely amazing. I have basically grown up dancing under your instruction and wouldn’t trade that for anything. What you have done for me and many other girls is much more than just teach us dance. Through the years, dance has taught me what discipline and hard work truly are. It has brought me a tremendous amount of self-confidence. Dance is something that is so rewarding and gives you the experience of a lifetime. I know that you care so much about all of the girls at the studio and this is what makes you so special to many of us. Your encouragement has inspired me to do my best and never give up. You have such a unique gift that allows you to inspire respect while still making it clear that any criticism you give is with a sense of love and good intentions. I’ve never once felt you were “against” me. All you’ve given is joy and inspiration to me. You never seem to have a bad day, which is something many people strive to attain. The fact that you make all the girls earn recognition is another great life lesson; teaching us that not everything in life is just handed to us. These are just a few of the things that make you such an amazing teacher and person. Thank you for all you do!”
-Isabel Sanchez, Elite Student


Coming to Elite has been nothing but a positive experience. There is a positive, non competitive atmosphere that allows you to grow and improve as a performer. I personally come from an extensive background of dance and still find new things to learn at Elite. Not only is the studio one of the best in the area to grow as an entertainer but it also is a place to make new friends and feel part of a welcoming group. When I first joined Elite everyone was incredibly nice and accepting of new dancers. I’ve now established myself at the studio and connected with my fellow dancers and the
teachers. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful things Elite has offerred me and I’m excited to continue to create even more memories with them.
-Kayla Rykiel, Elite Student